Chico ART Festival - May 12 & 13, 2023 · Finding Chico Area Artists

Brenda Schlegel | Jewelry

My work is what gives meaning to my life. I have been learning, developing it for the last 50 years since I left school. There are so many techniques that I explored and introduced to others. My wish now is to teach and seriously share my knowledge with others. Anything from the basics of jewelry fabrication and soldering, or lost wax casting I offer, and techniques like Korean Keum Boo, or Japanese Mokume Gane, to Indonesian granulation techniques I can demonstrate and instruct. These are dying arts and I wish it were not so.

Chico ART Festival - May 12 & 13, 2023

Fire Dancing at to the Chico ART Festival

Be prepared to be dazzled with an illuminating fire show by Alaya Crystal and Friends! From magical wings, whimsical umbrellas, to fun dance choreography with a variety of fire props, and streaking balls of fire, Alaya Crystal and Dancing Light Arts will give a fun and inspiring dance performance for a memorable close to Friday’s festivities at the Chico Art Festival!