Want to be on the Map?

Chico Art Map - Get a Listing

Listings on the Chico Art Map are available for art businesses, art locations, or art events that are open to the public. Your listing info need to have all the relevant info seen on the listings already on the Chico Art Map.

Main Categories for Listings on the Chico Art Map

Art Events, Art Museums & Galleries, Art Schools & Classes, Art Supplies, Local Art @ Restaurants & Coffee Shops, Local Art @ Stores. We plan to add more categories soon such as Art Services for example.

No existing category fits your art business? Let us know and we will consider adding a new category.

To be included on the Chico Art Map

  • Send your listing info (Name; Description; Address; Phone Number; Website; Hours open to the public), plus 1 jpeg 1080 pix by 608 pix to webmaster@chivaa.org .
  • Optional – Sign up for MEMBERSHIP HERE. Already a member? Make sure your membership is current and update your info. Your membership will help cover costs for printing the brochure.

Future Options for Individual Artists

Are you open to the public by appointment only?
Do you have an online store?
An Etsy store or art selling on Facebook?
Soon we will add an online section for individual Chico Area Artists who would like a presence online on our site and want to redirect visitors to their studios by appointment, websites, or online presence.

In addition to listings with links, dedicated webpages for members and member organizations will be a future option. The pages will be similar to the ones we created for Art at the Matador exhibitors with 3 to 5 images, a statement, a photo of yourself, your studio or business, contact info, plus links to your website, social media. It is up to you!