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ChiVAA, the Chico Visual Arts Alliance, is dedicated to new opportunities for artists to flourish in our area and to help the public at large discover the rich art environment in the Chico Area. We look forward to adding new artists posts and creating new connections between artists and the public. Every home should have original art!

Judy Abbott | Mixed Media

Judy Abbott
Mixed Media, Alcohol Ink

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Eva Farley
Painting, Watercolor, Pen and Ink

Terri Gama
Del Mar Designs | Jewelry

Amy Karr | Leather, Felting

Amy Karr
Leather, Felting

Photography by Carolyn McLeod

Carolyn McLeod

John Mercado | Mixed Media Collage

John Mercado
Mixed Media Collage

Painting by Dolores Mitchell

Dolores Mitchell
Oil Painting

Rachelle Montoya
Painting, Jewelry

Patty Moriarty | Ceramic

Patty Moriarty

Allison Mucci | Painting at the Chico ART Festival

Allison Mucci

Gwen Nelson | Mosaic, Ceramics

Gwen Nelson
Mosaic, Ceramics

Frank Smith Photography

Frank Smith
Digital Photography

Mira Talbott-Pope | Atitlan/TLC Clothing Designs

Mira Talbott-Pope
Fabric Art, Painting

Digital Photography by Coby Walters - Pine Meadow Photography

Coby Walters
Digital Photography


Tazuo Yamaguchi
iPaintCreatures | Painting

Finding Chico Area Artist got started on July 5th, 2020, with one artist. We plan to add a few artist listings and posts per week, so please come back for a visit!

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