Art at the Matador is moving to Floral Ave

Art at the Matador is moving to Floral Ave, becoming Art on Floral
Due to continued hardship due to the Camp Fire, the Matador Motel can no longer host our show, so we are moving to a new venue at 2341 Floral Avenue.

St John’s extensive grounds and conference facility will offer us, and our attendees, a serene oasis with beautiful gardens to meander through, a playground, plus plenty of space for our outdoor booths, a large conference hall to host our indoor booths, a stage for our live music entertainment, plenty of parking, lawns for the Fire dancers, and even a labyrinth to walk through.

This two-day, one stop ART Expo has three aims: to give local artists a space of their own from which to share their visions; to educate the public about the variety and value of art in Chico. Over 2000 people attended our last event. > More Info
Interested in exhibiting this year?  Stay tuned – the prospectus are coming out soon!

ChiVAA, the Chico Visual Arts Alliance is an umbrella art organization promoting the arts in Chico California. ChiVAA - Renew Your Membership Today! 

ChiVAA is expanding opportunities for you as a working artist to build your arts business and to improve the cultural and economic well being of our community.

We’re revving up some familiar ChiVAA projects. And, we’re dedicating the organization to delivering new opportunities for artists to flourish in our area.


Chico Art Map

The Chico Art Map is now online > More info HERE