Chico ART Festival - May 12 & 13, 2023

The Chico ART Festival Team 2023

Here are the doers making the 2023 Chico ART Festival possible…

Cynthia Sexton | Chico ART Festival 2023
Cynthia Sexton – ChiVAA President
Pat Koszis – ChiVAA Treasurer
Dede Ferris | Chico ART Festival 2023
Dede Ferris – ChiVAA Secretary
Patty Moriarty | Chico ART Festival 2023
Patty Moriarty – Media Contact and PR Volunteer
Kay and Gary Wooldridge | Chico ART Festival 2023
Kay and Gary Wooldridge – Volunteers at Large
Susan Schrader | Chico ART Festival 2023
Susan Schrader – Music and Entertainment Lineup
Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Chico ART Festival 2023
Marion Hunziker-Larsen – Web Designer, Social Media Liason

This small but mighty group is taking care of all the details of the Chico ART Festival, from ordering the portable toilets and garbage cans to laying out the booths, getting the event in magazines, the radio, and on the web to making margaritas, all with the help of extra volunteers.

Interested in being part of a great group bringing the next Chico ART Festival 2024 to life?

Contact us at

The upcoming Chico ART Festival is on Mother’s Day Weekend, Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13, 2023 and take place on the beautiful grounds of St John’s Episcopal Church on Floral. More info HERE.

In addition we thank our sponsors. They help keep our booth fees as low as possible.

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