Chico ART Festival - May 10 & 11, 2024 · Finding Chico Area Artists

Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Jewelry

Cavandoli Bracelets, Knotted Bonded Nylon, Czech fire polished beads – $19-$39

My jewelry combines micro macramé knotting, Cavandoli knotting, double half-hitching, kumihimo, braiding, cord making and crochet of silk and nylon threads, using as many as 500 knots per square inch. As I was trained as a silversmith, I often use soldered wire armature and fabricate some of the clasps for one of a kind pieces. Many of my pieces are designed using semiprecious gemstones circular, rectangles or squares shapes, and beads with the knotting of silk and nylon thread.

Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Jewelry | Chico ART Festival 2023
Flowers & Leaved Medallion – Cavandoli Series, osmena pearl, knotted nylon and silk thread, wire armatures, leather lining, hand braided cord with sterling silver clasps, medallions 2” long – $150.

While some of my pieces are one of a kind, labor of love involving many hours of design and execution. Others may have just five to ten knots, a zen statement, distilled to its essence like a haiku, yet still containing a signature.

Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Jewelry | Chico ART Festival 2023
Square Knot Bracelets with Halo & Etched Czech Beads – Knotted and braided nylon cord, one size fits all with sliding closure – $39. each.

I have been making jewelry out of thread and cord my whole life. At first, I sold my work wholesale to stores and galleries, then mostly at craft fairs. I also started teaching as well. The constant throughout has been thread and cord, so when the supply of bonded nylon cord got threatened, I had to step in the breach. I found a small company producing bonded nylon and opened an online store for my students and became an online ambassador helping ensure future supplies of cord and thread I like to work with. My online store opened in January 2006. It has since grown, and now includes a large selection of supplies and kits I have designed and created for DIYselfers and other professional artists. So now in addition to selling thread and cord online, I takes time to “play”, designing jewelry and developing new kits.

Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Jewelry | Chico ART Festival 2023
Tassel Earrings – Knotted and braided nylon cord, handmade tassel, black tourmaline and hematite beads, sterling silver leverbacks, 4.25” drop – $29. This year, I will be exhibiting lots of bracelets and earrings, with affordable price points perfect for Mother’s Day gifts and to treat yourself.
Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Jewelry | Chico ART Festival 2023
Turkish Bead Crochet Bracelets – Nylon cord, Japanese rocaille beads, and Italian metal buttons. Available in many colors and many sizes. $16. each. I have made many bracelets including this group with heart buttons. You can also order a custom one made just for you and pick it up after the show on my porch.
Marion Hunziker-Larsen | Chico ART Festival 2023

Come by my booth at the Chico ART Festival, May 10 & 11, 2024. Or connect with my website or Facebook.

In addition I am also part of the Chico ART Festival team. That’s the small group who volunteers to make the festival possible. I have served as ChiVAA’s web designer and I have built this website from the ground up on a WordPress platform. This last couple of years I have also been by default the social media liaison. I hope we find a volunteer to take over that task next year!

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