The Art at the Matador is now ART on FLORAL

Last month, after learning that the Matador was still serving Campfire needs, our planning committee began a vigorous search for an alternative venue. At a minimum we needed a location that was affordable and available in May, with adequate parking and indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces.

St. John’s Episcopal Church at 2341 Floral Avenue met these basic needs plus all items on our “Wish List,” including: more indoor spaces, air conditioning, an accommodating host, and a beautiful environment (it’s on the Garden Tour).  St. John’s event manager knows, loves and wants our event.  She answered “Yes!” to our requests to have a Margarita Bar, musicians, food trucks, Fire Dancers, and the dates of May 8th and 9th. 

St. John’s is set far back from Floral, giving it a serenity that will encourage visitors to linger. Unanticipated delights include a playground, picnic tables and a labyrinth.  

We on the Matador committee regard our new venue of St. John’s as an upgrade rather than a compromise. 

2 thoughts on “The Art at the Matador is now ART on FLORAL

  1. This is my favorite Chico event. I’m so excited for you and the community for its return. Last year I started the
    SPUN Organic Cotton Candy booth. We’re vegan, kosher and organic with lots of interesting flavors
    and I would love to be a vendor at Art at the Matador/Floral event. How do I sign up?

  2. Let’s do this, sounds like a great move, thank you for carrying on with the tradition, when do the vendor applications come out ?

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