Judy Abbott | Feather Tales | Art at the Matador May 11-12, 2018

JudyAbbott | Feather Tales | Art at the Matador

Judy Abbott of Feather Tales will be showing her emerging work at the Art at the Matador on May 11 & 12. She started her creations about 3 years ago and it is now all she can think of doing after recently retiring from 40 years of nursing. She plans to go forward full speed into the art world.


JudyAbbott | Feather Tales | Art at the Matador


‘Over the last year I introduced lots of new art using Ocean Pebbles, Sea Glass, Horse Hair, Tree Bark, Driftwood and more. It is a joy to create and now that I am retired I can spend more time with art.  My art can be whimsical and has the ability to surprise, delight and enlighten and tickle your brain cells. I enjoy watching people walk up to my art with a look of question on their faces, wondering what they are looking out.  Then I observe a smile on their face as they gaze at some of the art. In addition to my Feather Art, I have added the Drifters (created with driftwood), the Rockers, (created with gem stone slices) and also The Stoner’s (created with Ocean Pebbles).’


JudyAbbott | Feather Tales | Art at the Matador


‘This year I added my first of the Feather Silhouettes. I wanted to incorporate more feathers into my pebble art.  I believe it will allow for more abstract pieces with lots of color and feathers. There is never enough hours in the day to create all that comes to my mind. So much to create, it remains endless, and I plan to arise to the challenge. Cheers – Judy Abbott’

2 thoughts on “Judy Abbott | Feather Tales | Art at the Matador May 11-12, 2018

  1. I would love to see your art display again. I saw your art at the church on floral this year and was really impressed, today I noticed I had your card and indeed am delighted to see your masterpieces. Do you ever host classes or teach this method? Amazing work.

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