Art at the Matador - May 10-11, 2019

Christine Connerly – Mixed Media

Christine Connerly lives in a forest and loves to take photos and make mixed media art using natural materials. She needle felts creatures, scenes, and soap with wool. She creates collages with paper, sticks, fabric, leaves, paint, and found objects.

She learns about birds, animals, mushrooms, plans, and trees by watching and photographing them. By paying attention and cherishing the natural world, she feels connected to nature and wants to take better care of our tiny blue jewel of a planet.

Come to see her booth at the Art at the Matador or find photos of her work on Instagram @christineoftheforest, or on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Christine Connerly – Mixed Media

  1. Hi Christine,
    This is Elizabeth Clark. I bought the print of one of your bird collage and the paper streamer hung with the black thread and black mini clothespins. It was at the sale at the Meridian House. I think it was one of your last shows before moving to Humboldt County. I truly love your art pieces. I hope you two are enjoying living over there, I know if i had the opportunity to move back to Humboldt I would. I was wonder if i could find out where i could take the paper making class that you did for the streamer i got from you. Or is it something you learned on your own or online or you tube. I am looking for art hobbies not to sell just for myself. I would love to hear how you are liking it over there. Take care

  2. Hello Elizabeth,
    I responded through Etsy. Hope you got the message. The workshop I took was called Sacred Offerings and it was an online workshop with Roxanne Evans Stout.

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