Brenda Schlegel Jewelry | Art at the Matador| May 11/12, 2018

Brenda Schlegel | Art at the Matador
Patina brass and roller printed copper pendant with silver rivets, copper tubes, and jasper square bead, with adjustable leather cording

Brenda Schlegel’s work ebbs and flows, but it is always evolving. She states: “While I am wanting to do more with ‘patinaing’ on a larger scale, maybe for sculpture, with the jewelry I have gone back to wanting to work basically with the metals: silver, gold, bronze and copper. Essentially, I like inserting a piece of rich colored, shiny  metal, gold, bronze, or copper, into a contrasting background metal that is textured and in a subdued different color.”


Brenda Schlegel | Art at the Matador
Patina Copper earrings with silver rivets and earwires


She plans to have a variety of new pieces for the Art at the Matador this year. Brenda will be sharing a exhibit room with Cynthia Sexton this year.


Brenda Schlegel | Art at the Matador
Patina sterling silver cast and linked earrings, with fresh water cultured pearls

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