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Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art

Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art
Blue Australian
54″ x 70″ Quilt, $280
Featuring Land of Utopia, Body Painting and Bush Tom Waterhole cotton prints

Fabric, quilts, collage, art. I love to create tactile and useful objects to decorate the spaces we live in; from quilts to wall hangings. Fabric is beautiful medium!

Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art

Seven months before my 13th wedding anniversary in 2020, I decided to sew a quilt for my husband. I began sewing as a teen and this project brought me into a modern world with new technology, technique, and fabric lines. I was fortunate to have resumed quilting and sewing just before the pandemic sent us into lockdown.

Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art
Bold Blooming
70″ x 80″ Quilt, $360
Featuring botanical prints from the Kaffe Fassett Collective

In the three semesters I worked from home, I quilted relentlessly. I am still sewing, dreaming, acquiring fabric and designing small art quilts and piecing “regular” size quilts.  I love the challenge of turning yardage into a beautiful quilt!

Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art
47″ x48″ Lap Sized Quilt, $190
Backed with cozy black minky with each border expanding on the sunburst panel.
Includes images from Asian cultures and art… ginkgo leaves, bamboo, storks

As with life, so goes quilting; the rare projects coalesce in hours while most others remain shifting piles of fabrics for months. I enjoy moving between creating smaller art quilts and larger quilts. Sharing my work and creating for others brings a synergy that ripples out through my entire aesthetic. 

Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art
Table Mountain
35′ x 13″ Art Quilt, $115

Quilting and sewing are old arts, they bring comfort, warmth, and beauty, they create heirlooms and tell stories; I like belonging to this lineage.

Elaine Ellsmore | Quilts & Fabric Art
33″ x 22″ Art Quilt, $110
Elaine Ellsmore | Quilter, Fabric Art

Meet Elaine Ellsmore and see her quilts and fabric art at the Chico ART Festival outdoors on the beautiful grounds of St John’s Episcopal Church on Floral Avenue, in Chico, on May 10 & 11, 2024. Friday from 4pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

You can connect with Elaine on Instagram @sewedupbyelaine

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