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Mira Talbott-Pope – Fabric Art and Painting

TLC DESIGNS at monca Sunday, May 12, 2019, Mothers’ Day, from 11 am to 5 pm

TLC Clothing was scheduled for Art at the Matador which was unfortunately cancelled.  monca opened its doors so they still had a place to show their unique clothing that benefits children in Guatemala by enhancing their ability for a better life in their own county.  Yes, their own country.

TLC Clothing Designs is Unique handmade clothing from recycled traditional Guatemalan fabric, with respect and admiration for the beauty of the material and expertise of its originator.   All fabric is purchased at a local market where women have sold their own skirt fabric either out of necessity or in order to purchase newer, more modern designs.

This fabric is then crafted with an intention to keep the beauty and “ethnic” look, while adapting to modern needs.   Three local tailors are employed – thus assisting their families (14 members) in this town of low employment.  All proceeds above cost go back to the Creando Mi Futuro children’s art, education and nutrition project in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, run by TLC clothing designer, Miranda Pope, a 35 year resident of the Chico area prior to moving to Guatemala in 2006.”

Creando Mi Futuro statement: “Art opens minds, good nutrition promotes better learning.  Education creates vision and possibilities. Together, this program is affecting the lives of 33 children in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, enhancing their ability for a better life in their own country.”

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