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Judy Abbott | Mixed Media, Alcohol Ink

Judy Abbott | Mixed Media
AUNT BLUEBELLA, mixed media with driftwood, ocean pebbles, sea glass, fulgurite rocks (struck by lightening), shells and turquoise suede doll boots 11”x14” mounted in shadow box

I have been creating art for 6 years. My art is unique, creative, and clever. I love the whimsical and I also like to create charming ladies and couples in nature scenes. I use shadow boxes and my own photos to create warm and inviting scenes (using driftwood, sea glass etc.) that have a 3D look.

Drifters Series is my favorite to create, and I would label as my signature art. I use my own photos as the backdrop. I balance my driftwood and rocks to make your eyes have a genuine and gentle flow across the frame to see the rest of the subject. I use many different materials found in nature: ocean pebbles, beach glass, driftwood, twigs, pinecones, feathers, obsidian, dried flowers and plants and shells.

Judy Abbott | Mixed Media
WHOOLIO, feathers and hand painted glass eyes that follow you 8”x10” framed

I started my art using feathers almost entirely and created feather designs on handcrafted wood boxes. The wood is from our local orchards here in Butte County (olive, black walnut, apple, cherry etc.). My owls, raccoons, cats, and other creations have hand painted glass eyes that follow you. Our wood hearts are a favorite of many people, and we continue to make these each year with different sizes available.

Judy Abbott | Mixed Media
GLOBAL MELTING, My first piece of art created after the Dixie Fire. Alcohol Ink on an Artist Panel 16”x20”. Available as a Giclee Print

I continue to add different types of art each year, usually mixed media. For 2 years now I have been using alcohol ink to create vibrantly colored art. My alcohol ink art is landscapes, dreamscapes, abstracts, and seascapes. My technique using the ink is a ‘Rock and Roll’ action with the ink and rubbing alcohol.

Judy Abbott | Mixed Media
WANDERING HEARTS, Olive wood from Butte County with resin hung on beaded metal chain, Large Hearts 4” – Small Hearts 2 ½”

I am currently in the Blue Goose Art Gallery in Chester, CA and in a new shop in downtown Chico called “Peddler’s Closet”. I lost my handcrafted log cabin up in Warner Valley to the Dixie Fire this last summer. Took us 10 years to complete it and we are pretty sure we will rebuild. I have been using melted glass and metal from the remains of our cabin to create mixed media art. My love for creating art has helped me through this sad event in my life. The art continues and each day that I sit down in my art studio is always an adventure.

Come to see Judy Abbott’s creations May 6 & 7 at the Chico ART Festival
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