Finding Chico Area Artists

Dolores Mitchell

Dolores Mitchell’s painting subjects include Chico’s landmarks and surrounding countryside such as Richvale rice fields, the Sutter Buttes and Gray Lodge Wildlife Preserve.

Dolores Mitchell
Falling Leaves
Oil, 6×8 inches, $135.

I have been painting Chico Bungalows for over 15 years. 
Dolores Mitchell
Chico Bungalow with Sunflowers
Oil, 6×8 inches, $135.

In my Chico bungalow paintings I take liberties with colors and settings to express ideas of “home.”
Dolores Mitchell
Iced Tea with Lemon
Oli, 8×10 inches, $165.

My backyard Meyer Lemon tree provided me with subjects for six still lives. 
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Celebrating Lemons
Oil, 8×16 inches, $185.

Lemons inspire me to use all the varieties of yellow in my paint box.
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Oil, 9×12 inches, $195.

Solitude during the quarantine inspired the mood of this painting. 
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Sutter Orchard and Passing Storm
Oil, 24×30 inches, $565.

It was a pleasure to orchestrate a range of pink to violet within blossoms of the orchard.
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Endless Orchard
Oil, 10×20 inches, $225

I wanted to express the boundless fertility of the North State.
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Gray Lodge in Autumn
Oil, 8×10 inches, $165
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Luminous Dawn
Oil, 24×30 inches, $565

I used layers of colors to create the glow of dawn’s first light.
Painting by Dolores Mitchell
Gray Lodge with Egret
Oil, 6×8 inches, $135.

The egret is my favorite bird to include in paintings of the Gray Lodge sanctuary.  

Dolores Mitchell received a BA in Studio Art and PhD in Art History from UCLA. She taught CSUC Renaissance to 20th century art history for thirty years.  In 2003 she co-founded Avenue 9 Gallery with Maria Phillips.  

Dolores Mitchell

Dolores Mitchell writes a monthly newsletter about art, hers and the art of other contributing Chico artists. Sign up for her newsletter HERE.

Contact information
Facebook:  Dolores Mitchell Art Talk

Dolores Mitchell is one of the founding members of ChiVAA, the Chico Visual Arts Alliance, and served as our festival long standing media specialist for many year. In addition she was a long time exhibitor at Art at the Matador and we hope she will be one of our exhibitor in 2024.

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