Gala Opening, Friday, May 11 – 4 pm to 9 pm
Art, Dance & Music Festival, Saturday, May 12 – 11 am to 7 pm

at the Matador Motel, The Esplanade between 9th and 10th Avenue, Chico

Now in its eighth year, Art at the Matador at the historic Matador Motel on The Esplanade and 9th Avenue continues to raise the profile of Chico’s visual arts community. This two-day, one-stop Art Expo has three aims: to give local artists a space of their own from which to share their visions; to educate the public about the variety and quality of the art in Chico; and to encourage an appreciation of the Chico vecino neighborhood – past and present. > More Info

Art at the Matador

Check out the Art at the Matador 2018 Exhibitor List!

It is still growing. Preview the art, visit the artist websites, and connect to their social profiles.

See if your favorite artists will be showing their work at the Art at the Matador this year.

Connect with the Art at the Matador on Facebook, share this event with your friends and make this year’s show the best ever!

Check out the Art at the Matador Live Music Line Up!

In addition to all the art rooms and art tents, art demos, fun for kids, a penny-stamping machine, Fairy Doors tour, fire dancing by the Lumininjas, and the margaritas, the Art at the Matador features a big outdoor tent with LIVE MUSIC…

ChiVAA is expanding opportunities for you as a working artist to build your arts business and to improve the cultural and economic well being of our community.

We’re revving up some familiar ChiVAA projects. And, we’re dedicating the organization to delivering new opportunities for artists to flourish in our area.

Chico Art Map

We’re working on the ChiVAA Art Map

We are working on the ChiVAA Art Map online edition and accompanying brochure. We are working on the graphic art, and the brochure will be published soon but due to time constraint, we are all volunteers, we had to postpone working on this project until after the Art at the Matador. In order to be included and have your art considered for the printed brochure, make sure your ChiVAA membership is current. Sign up for MEMBERSHIP HERE. Plus send your listing info, art, statement to webmaster@chivaa.org .

  • Listing on the ChiVAA Art Map
  • Have your art considered for the printed brochure
  • A dedicated webpage for your art or art venue on the ChiVAA website

The dedicated webpage for members and member organizations is a new section that will be created on our website. The pages will be similar to the ones we created for Art at the Matador Exhibitors. They may include 3 to 5 images, a statement, a photo of yourself, your studio or business, contact info plus links to your website, social media. It is up to you!

If you are already a member make sure your membership is current and update your info.