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Past Events

Art at the Matador

7th Annual Art at the Matador organized and sponsored by ChiVAA

Wow, the art, the live music, the Lumininjas, and the attendance at Art at the Matador were amazing. It was truly a great celebration!

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ChiVAA Social Media Workshop

Saturday, April 8, 2017 at the Chico Art Center
Visual Artists & Social Media Workshop

The Social Media Workshop on Saturday was well attended. Carol Thomson is a dynamic speaker. Her presentation was energizing and inspirational. In addition to showing us how to set up a Facebook business page, Carol shared with us resources to help us better promote our work as artists. We look forward to future ChiVAA workshops!

ChiVAA, the Chico Visual Arts Alliance, is an umbrella organization that links individual artists and art groups, organizations or businesses, enabling them to have a united voice and presence in Chico, California. The mission of ChiVAA is to foster an environment in which artists and visual arts stakeholders may flourish in order to enhance the cultural and economic well-being of the larger community.